Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Well it is October 2012 and I am still no further forward in getting the true nature of my illness recognised and heaven forbid, actually treated!   Oh yes, I could spend over £1200 to get a test done by a lab in Germany but even if that result was positive, the UK NHS will not recognise it nor act on it!  Any private doctor in the UK who has been seen to help Lyme patients have been silenced by the GMC and the remaining few are so expensive that we would need a second mortgage to get treatment and who is to say that they too won't end up being restricted part way through my treatment anyway? 

I am not one for trying quack cures but I do take several supplements that I hope will at least help to alleviate the severity of symptoms including magnesium mallate, vits A,C, D & E, Selenium and Ubiquinol. (high dose CoQ10)  But they can keep their 'talking therapies' and strange herbs and potions, peddled by unqualified people whose only interest is making money!

I MISS being able to work.  I MISS being able to have an active social life.  I MISS being able to walk my own dogs.  There are so many aspects of my life that I miss but I am resigned to this fate - fretting about it won't cure it!   There are worse things I could have after all. - I suppose!