Monday, 3 June 2013

I am now on an antibiotic and an anti-rheumatic prescribed by my private doctor and have been on them for 3 weeks now.  I take the antibiotic for a week then stop it for a week then resume it for a week and take the anti-rheumatic every day.   One good thing I have noticed is that when I am taking the antibiotics as well as the anti-rheumatic, the constant pain I normally have in my bones completely disappears, which is rather nice as its a twisting, burning pain that is normally always with me.  But, when I rest from the antibiotics for a week, the pain soon comes back.  So, I deduce that combined, the two medications do  actually reduce my pain considerably which is a small improvement!  Does not mean I am getting cured though, it just means I get some respite from one of my many symptoms!  To me, that's a good thing! :) Ok so my energy level is still shite but, because I am not in pain so much, I feel 'better' than I have done for many months!
My heartfelt thanks to the NHS - NOT!  You lot have not helped me at all - you do not even acknowledge what it is I am really suffering from! <shakes head>  It is about time you guys and gals wised up!  People are suffering!