Saturday, 27 July 2013

Progress so far, such as it is

Have been on antibiotics now for nearly six months.  So, I hear the question being asked....Am I better now?   Depends what you term as 'better'.  Better in that because of the antibiotic (not your average run of the mill antibiotic either!) combined with an anti-rheumatic drug, I ache less.  Well, that's my 'better' if you like.
Am I cured?  No.  This is not flu, it's not a chest infection.  It is an invasive disease channeled by microbes that work their way into all your blood cells, vital organs, nerves, muscles, bones etc where it breeds and hides, often disguising itself against antibiotics in such a way that has even aroused the curiousity of germ warfare scientists around the world!  Regardless of what misinformed, poorly researched UK doctors try to claim, it won't be cured by a few weeks of antibiotics.   Those left still suffering from symptoms after being treated by the NHS (lucky them to even have it recognised!) are then told they have CFS, that convenient dustbin diagnosis so often used to end further investigation into why you really are ill!
Each month I also have a session on the Rife machine, a controversial treatment that is even outlawed in some states of America but hey!  What have I got to lose?  Besides, some people have had real success with it and as long as it does not harm me, well, gotta try!  Zapping the little microbes with electrical waves makes more sense to me than some of the alternative therapies people have suggested - not that I am knocking alternative medicine!  It has it's place but where such a stubborn, physical infection is concerned, I don't want to waste precious time on trying this, that and the other because someones uncles, best friends daughter found it worked etc.
In the meantime, I battle on, well aware that I am in it for the long haul, that I may never get 'cured' (Oh come on!  I am a realist!) but hoping all the time for some more improvement.