Thursday, 7 March 2013

Test results etc

I went to see the private doctor again last week and she took blood for a test I last had done 3 years ago,  'ATP profile'.  We sent the blood to the laboratory straight away and on Monday the results were back with the doctor which she then sent to me.  The results show basically that the way my T cells convert used energy into new energy is now even slower than before and that my magnesium levels remain very poor despite having taken a 1000mg of Magnesium Mallate (it's considered to be a high dose) since the last test 3 years ago!  This is because Lyme Disease bacteria, the borrellia spirochetes, thrive on magnesium and suck your body dry of it!  They target the magnesium rich areas such as the joints which results in 'Lyme Arthritis', probably which I experience such pain in my joints as well as the stiffness!  So by taking the supplement, I am in fact feeding the little buggers but what can I do?  If I do not take it I risk getting so low in magnesium that I could suffer a stroke!  Please, take a while also to consider that I would know none of the above if left to the National Health Service who, because they do not perform ATP Profile test, do not even recognise the results!  So, when I say that Lyme Disease sufferers are left to 'rot', that is literally what I mean!

So, yes.  There is a very real, physical cause for my lack of energy!  So no.  Thinking positively will NOT cure me of my illness, but I do it anyway because well, getting depressed about it is not going to help is it?  I cannot exercise this illness away, nor will special diets, herbs or other potions help.  All I can do is to plod on with strong antibiotics 'pulsed' 4 days on, 5 days off etc and use of the Rife Machine once a month.  Te cost of the private treatment at this particular clinic are not that much really and it does mean that I get a ride out in the car at least nice a month, driven there and back of course.  I have been told that sadly, a total cure may not be possible as most people who think they are cured relapse again within months as the spirochetes hide so well.  But if this can go some way to alleviating my symptoms and slowing down the progress of the disease then all is  not lost and well, I have to try!

Interesting and well written article here to explain in very easy to understand terms, why LD is so poorly diagnosed and how it manages to evade treatment so well.

The Complexities of Lyme Disease - A Microbiology Tutorial: Part 1By Thomas M. Grier, MS

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