Wednesday, 29 May 2013

5 years on

I have now been ill for five years.  Swap you for your common colds, flus and tummy bugs any day?  There are over 100 studies showing that the borrellia spirochetes (LD bacteria) persist despite antibiotic treatment unless the disease is detected and treated very early.  Most of us remain misdiagnosed for many years so are being left to rot.  Alternative therapies may make us feel 'nice' but they are very unlikely to succeed against such an invasive, persistent infection. Likewise the many quack 'treatments' being touted by lay people and dubiously qualified 'health professionals' who know how to set up flashy websites and belong to fancifully named organisations often set up by themselves or their partners......
I am so used to this now that I accept this is how I am.  I persist with private treatment by antibiotics and Rife Machine because well, there is nothing else and I have to have 'hope'.  I have not given up, just come to terms with it.  My only real fear is that one day I could end up alone to struggle with this - but I am not going to waste precious energy worrying about 'what ifs'.  I just get on with it, such is life!  You get to realise what is really important, not the latest gadgets, not fancy holidays or the highest fashions.  But love, friendship, patience, inner happiness, stuff like that.

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